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Confused about what the various perfume terms mean? Don't worry. We're here to help. Across our website, you may come across words such as parfum, etc, edt or edp, etc.

The table below will help ensure that you understand what the difference is between each type of perfume.

Lasts for more than 5 hours. Parfums are usually the most expensive as it contains very little alcohol. A little amount can last for a long time.
Eau de Parfum (edp)
Lasts up to 4-5 Hours. It is more potent than Eau de Toilette however it is more expensive.
Eau de Toilette (edt)
Lasts up to 2-3 Hours. Eau de Toilette's are most common on the market and is pretty much the standard strength across all perfume ranges.
Eau de Cologne (edc)
Lasts up to 2 Hours. It is a perfumed liquid composed of alcohol and certain aromatic oils.
Used by men after shaving, it contains 70% alcohol. Aftershave is a fragrant lotion used on the face after shaving.

A spray nozzle is attached to the bottle, a device that facilitates the formation of spray. When a liquid is dispersed as a stream of droplets (atomization).


Splash refer to bottle with no spray nozzle.

Michael Edwards Top 100 perfume questions

Fragrantica online encyclopedia of perfumes

Fragrances are classified based on The Fragrance Wheel, also created by Michael Edwards, which groups the main fragrance families and subgroups of these families according to the dominant notes that give them their particular character and overall scent.

The directory also sorts and cross-references more than 4,700 fragrances available in the USA by house, gender, country, year of launch and lists the US distributor. You can also search fragrances that have won the Fragrance Foundation’s FiFi Awards over the years. Browse the directories on the left to discover a whole new world of fragrances.

The Fragrance Wheel
Fragrance Wheel

Although your sense of smell is emotional, the fragrances you most enjoy will probably belong to just one or two fragrance families.
The Fragrance Wheel holds the key to your fragrance likes and dislikes. It lets you see at a glance the relationship between the 14 different families.
Each family leads to the next. Florals become Soft Florals when blended with sparkling aldehydes and balanced by a powdery drydown. Soft Florals are transformed into Floral Orientals by adding the scents of orange blossom and sweet spices









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